About Us

Charles Greenwood, Esq. and Susan M. Fink, Esq. have practiced adoption law in Rhode Island for over thirty years. Our firm will provide legal services to couples who give birth in Rhode Island so that they can adopt shortly after the birth. Couples who choose this process will have the names of both partners listed on the child’s birth certificate as legal parents. Adoptions can also be concluded for children born elsewhere, but the birth certificate may not be amended, depending on the law of the state where the child is born.

Greenwood & Fink will work with a Rhode Island licensed adoption agency, A Red Thread Adoption Services, Inc. A social worker from A Red Thread will visit the family and obtain local background clearances in order to update the couple’s home study. Upon completion of the paperwork, Greenwood & Fink will file the adoption petition to be heard at the Rhode Island Family Court within weeks after the birth.

Greenwood & Fink can provide resources to couples for:

  • Obstetric care in coordination with the mother’s local obstetrician
  • Comfortable one or two bedroom accommodations for a five to six week stay
  • Women and Infants’ Hospital, one of the nation’s leading hospitals for mother and infant care
  • Pediatric care available at the delivery and while the family remains in Rhode Island
  • Private visiting nurse and pediatric physician’s assistant
  • Lactation consultants to visit your home away from home

Clients’ responsibilities:

  • Florida or other state of residence home study
  • Paying directly for all medical care and negotiating any medical insurance reimbursement (some providers accept out of state insurance)